Glass Bead/ Mica Reflective Paint
Liquidreflector is proud to offer a state of the art glass bead sphere, and mica, water based acrylic elastomeric reflective paint system.
The glass bead spheres are designed to float to the surface of the paint as it dries. This combined with the topically applied glass beads provided in our 2-part  paint kits give a remarkable and versatile finished reflective surface. 

Adheres and covers: 

wood   metal  plastic  concrete  PVC

Ideal for mail boxes, address numbers, sign letters, bicycles, etc.
Anything that reqires high visibility for safety at night.

This high quality waterbased acrylic coating is available in  5,16 and 32 oz containers. Application brush and extra topical glass beads are included with every order.

Available Colors: (click to see)


      red                 white                green                yellow              blue
                  Liquidreflector Glass bead/ Mica reflective paint kits
Price list
 White                         ( 5oz paint, 2oz glass beads )    $ 7.95 +s/h
                                      ( 16oz paint, 8oz glass beads )   $15.95 +s/h
Yellow,Red,Green & Blue ( 5oz paint, 2oz glass beads)                 $ 8.95 +s/h
                                           (16oz paint, 8oz glass beads)                $18.95 +s/h

     Now Available-  32 oz     White                                          $26.95+s/h 
                                              Yellow,Red, Blue or Green        $32.95+s/h

                     1 Gallon White + 6 lbs glass beads  75.95 +s/h

Colors red,white,blue 
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