Curb Paint kit
Liquidreflector now offers a 2 part Curb Paint Kit.  Consisting of 1 gallon White Fast Drying, Water-Based Acrylic Curb Paint with Elastomeric properties and 8 pounds of Reflective Glass Beads.    Providing a highly reflective surface when properly applied (Glass beads topically applied to the wet paint)
This paint has a higher viscosity than our standard Traffic Marking Paint and has added binders to help the wet paint "grab" the topically added glass beads on the vertical curb surface.  
   It makes an ideal reflective background for house address curb marking.

   Drying time -  approximately 15 min at 75 degrees fahrenheit

   Coverage   -   about 100 ft standard curb
1- Gallon WHITE Curb Paint
8 lbs Glass Beads (0.30-0.59mm)
with applicator bottle

   $49.95 + s/h

Each Curb Paint Kit Includes:
Fast Drying Water Based Acrylic Paint with Elastomeric qualities and added Binders / Reflective Glass Beads