Reflective Glass Beads
Liquidreflector offers three sizes of  reflective glass beads
Reflective Glass Beads
Type1T-01   30-50 mesh
Glass Oxide- mil spec size 4
0.30- 0.59 mm

Good consistent retoreflective performance. These can be intermixed into clear,transparent and translucent paints at the rate of ~5lbs per gallon or applied topically to wet paint at ~6lbs to the gallon.
refractive index 1.51, roundness 70%
These are the beads we intermix in all our paints and include for topical application in all white and clear kits.
size= loose beads resemble sand
10 lbs
16.95 +8.75s/h*
20 lbs
25.95 +10.95s/h*
* shipping is based on the beads being the only item purchaed, otherwise shipping varies with total order.  Price good for all 50 states.
2.5 lbs
7.95 +5.75s/h*
Reflective Glass Beads
Airport Grade   12-20 mesh
Glass Oxide- mil spec size 1
0.84- 1.68  mm

State of the art microspheres up to 95% roundness. Less than 1% air inclusions for increased clarity and retroreflection.  These are topically applied to wet paint at the rate of ~7lbs per gallon.
refractive index >1.51, roundness 95%
size=loose beads resemble buckshot

10 lbs
24.95 +8.75s/h*
20 lbs
38.95 +10.95s/h*
2.5 lbs
9.95 + 5.75s/h*
Toll Free
Glass Bead Multi pack
Equal amounts of all 3 size beads in seperate bags.
Other Products:
Reflective Glass Beads
170-400 mesh
Glass Oxide- mil spec size 13
0.037- 0.088 mm

Can be intermixed into clear,transparent paint and topically applied to white spray paint. These are  similar to the small glass spheres found in reflective spray   paints.
size= loose beads resemble powder

2.5 lbs
8.95 + 5.75s/h*
10 lbs
18.95 +8.75s/h*
20 lbs
29.95 +10.95s/h*
0.84-1.68mm                 0.30-0.59mm                0.037-0.088mm
12-20 mesh                     30-50 mesh                   170-400 mesh
5lbs (0.81-1.64mm) glass beads
5lbs (0.30-0.59mm) glass beads
5lbs (0.037-0.088mm) glass beads
    (15 total pounds)

   $29.95 +10.95s/h*
2.5lbs (0.81-1.64mm) glass beads
2.5lbs (0.30-0.59mm) glass beads
2.5lbs (0.037-0.088mm) glass beads
    (7.5 total pounds)

   $19.95 +8.75s/h*