Clean and dry then mask off area to be painted.
Make sure paint is well stirred. Apply a medium coat to surface. (stirring the paint container before painting is  recommended to ensure even glass bead dispersion)
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Apply a second coat.
Before final coat dries disperse  topical glass beads (provided) onto the surface.
Finished product with a high quality reflective strips.
- If only one coat is required simply sprinkle loose beads after the first coat. Some applications (ex. letters) may require 3 coats for satisfactory results.

- This is a water based paint,  it can be thinned out with water if necessary

Let Dry
Wait approximately
30 min
(depending on conditions)

                Application Instructions
                Liquidreflector Paint Kits
Due to the Elastomeric qualities, unmask betwwen coats to prevent paint pulling