Elastomeric water-borne acrylic 101
Elastomeric -An elastomeric coating is a coating with rubber like properties that will return to its original dimensions after being stretched or deformed. As the substrate to which it is applied expands and contracts an elastomeric coating will do the same. Premium state-of-the-art acrylic resins, top grade transparent and translucent pigments, and special proprietary additives are compounded to produce Liquidreflector elastomeric acrylic coatings. Liquidreflector paints are engineered using the very latest in coatings technology to provide maximum performance. They provide a durable, weatherproof, high performance membrane that is UV stable and highly resistant to ozone, acid rain, and other air borne contaminants.

Acrylics or Acrylic Latex paints are one of the new hybrids of the water-based technologies, becoming very popular in the eighties. Not only were these everything the old latexes were, now they were flexible as well and tough, too! The idea of not being able to paint water-based over oil-based became old school thinking. The chemistry of these new acrylics allowed for just that with a little sanding first, a blessing to people restoring old homes that had only oil-based paints on the walls and woodwork. The flexibility of the new acrylic latexes came from the "vehicle"; the closest thing to describe it would be liquid plexiglas. That's essentially what you're applying to your walls when you paint with a high-grade water-based acrylic; a thin layer of liquid plexiglas.

Water-Borne paints are considerably different. These use a special technology in which oils are chemically introduced into the water in such a way that they are compatible, meaning oil and water can mix if it's done right. Many clear floor coatings, acrylic paints,varnishes and even epoxies are now manufactured in this way. This means many of the virtues of oil-based paint are enjoyed while still maintaining a water clean up. Remarkable! Many companies have chosen to switch their on-site painting to water-bornes due to stricter safety and environmental guidelines enforced by C&CA (Consumer and Corporate Affairs) and OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety). These products have very little odor, do not require combustible solvents to be kept on site and are much quicker in drying than many of their regular oil-based cousins