Glass Bead/ Mica
Waterborne Acrylic Elastomeric
Reflective Paint

We offer a state of the art layered Glass Bead / Mica U.V. resistant
Reflective Paint System
Available in 5 ,16 and 32 ounce paint kits.
Liquidreflector is a waterborne acrylic elastomeric coating and contains glass bead spheres and mica mixed into the liquid paint. The paint is designed to allow the glass beads to rise to the surface as it dries. The paint kits also includes extra glass bead lenses that are added to the final coat of paint before it dries ensuring the surface is well saturated with glass beads. Creating a highly reflective finish that will last through time and weather.
Yellow Red Blue Green Paint kits:
We color our paint with carefully selected transparent and translucent  pigments allowing the glass beads and mica to retain reflective qualities and actually emit the color light of the respective pigment. Our 2-step layering system (see application instructions page) helps make any object reflect when hit with light. The topical included beads are  state of the art glass bead lenses 0.60-1.40 mm they have up to 95% roundness and less than1% air inclusions providing an excellent retroreflective finish.
White Paint kits:
These paint kits are also the simple 2-step layering system. Simply sprinkle on the topical beads into the still wet final coat of paint.  Opaque pigments are used for better coverage in the White paint. Since the natural retroreflective light emitted from the beads is white, the sprinkled on beads provide maximum white reflection .  The topical beads in these kits are a smaller  size and provide a fine finished surface 
When properly applied Liquidreflector paints offer a versatile long lasting quality retroreflective surface .
Ideal for mailboxes, address numbers, sign letters, bicycles etc.
Anything that requires high visibility for safety at night.