License Plate Cover 
Protect your license plate and protect yourself. Our reflective license plate cover is designed to reflect                            bright flashes of light.
ReflectiveCover ultra-thin license plate covers have a  multi-layered  glass sphere reflective coating.
It doesn't distort your plate to the naked eye it just appears slightly tinted  (see below). The cover simply makes the whole license plate reflective                                  including the numbers.


ATTENTION:  The manufacturer and seller assumes no responsibility for using this product in such a manner that violates any applicable laws. Make sure there are no state or local law and restrictions. There are states that do not allow the use of any item that will hinder the identification of a vehicle registration plate by an automated red light  enforcement system.

Left- license plate                              unprotected
          (flash picture)
Right- license plate with
            (flash picture)

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ReflectiveCover- license plate with cover on, as seen to the naked eye    (photo was taken without flash)
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