Liquidreflector Paint Kits
Glass bead/Mica Reflective Paint - Elastomeric waterbourne 100% acrylic  with extra beads for topical application.  available in  5  16  32  oz sizes
White now available in 1 Gallon size
Traffic Marking Paint- Water-based Acrylic, fast drying includes 6 lbs glass beads for topical application. 1 Gallon size. WHITE

Bulk Glass Beads
Reflective Glass Beads- Glass beads for intermix and topical applications similar to those in use by highway departments and airports.  5, 10, and 20 lbs
Multi-Purpose Reflectors
Curb Address Kit-  White glass bead/ mica reflective paint along with a non-reflective black elastomeric paint. Topical glass beads also included. 4oz white and 4 oz black

Reflectors-High Intensity Grade  
Self- Adhesive reflectors . Mailboxes,bicycles,bumbers driveway markers etc.
red, white, green, yellow and blue   

Curb Paint Kit-  (White)  Fast Drying Water-based Acrylic with Binders and Elastomeric qualities includes 8 lbs glass beads for topical application.
1 Gallon size.

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